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One of our primary ways we express honor to God is by loving and honoring His people. Worship is so much more than singing and dancing; those are incredible expressions of how we ascribe worth to God.

But, if Jesus never sang or danced or played an instrument; yet He is the quintessence of worship, then it compels us to view and live worship through the life of Christ rather than mere expressions. Jesus Christ modeled spiritual disciplines that help us to intentionally engage God. Jesus prayed, He fasted, and He served.

The life of Jesus Christ taught me that singing without serving makes my worship incomplete. As I embrace a life of transformative worship, I want to honor God by demonstrating His love locally and globally with presence filled encounters and providing supplies that meet the needs of that community. Access Global is the ministry initiative that allows us to make global impact each year. I am so excited for each opportunity to pray and provide resources in under privileged communities. It is my desire to give God the true worship He requires by using my life and gift to point people to Him.

Connect with the Access Global movement today! Fill out the contact information on our Connect Page and be among the first to receive updates on all our Global initiatives.

Worship is our AUTHENTIC RESPONSE to God's generosity.

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